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12 Strategies When You Are Considering Buying Into a Merritt Island Florida Retirement Community.

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If you are retiring to Brevard County soon, you may be curious how to navigate the hot market for Merritt Island retirement 55 plus community homes for sale.  You will soon find out that buying your last home is nothing like buying your first home...

Here are a dozen key rules to follow if you want to get it right...

1. Acclimate before you relocate

Fair-weather 55+ retirement communities like we have in Merritt Island FL are probably more seasonable than you think.

2. Get to know the characters

Figure out in advance if your prospective neighbors will be new friends--or a real pain in the neck. 😃

3. Check out the medical care in the Retirement Community you are considering

Does the Merritt Island community provide medical services? If not, how close are you to the nearest medical facility? 💊

4. Factor in Merritt Island tax rates

Complying with residency requirement in Brevard County can create great income-tax advantages for retirees and be sure to compare property taxes as well. ✅ 

5. Time your buy to get the best price

Buy just as the area high season is ending, typically in Brevard County Florida that is around May and June. 😎

6. Study the community financials

Review past special assessments and the finances of the homeowners' association. 📓

7. Check out the community approval process

Many retirement communities in Merritt Island will have to approve you before you move in.  Most of the time it is just a formality, but make sure you know the process. 📰

8. Explore "membership"

Some Full-service Merritt Island 55 Plus communities frequently offer specific club-memberships. Study the requirements, options and additional cost. 📜

9.  Scrutinize the activity calendar

You may not have thought this much about golf, tennis and games like boccie since your school day. But again, you are about to have a lot more time on your hands. 📆

10.  Research the restrictions

You may be startled by what some 55+ communities disallow: pets; outdoor grilling; cigar smoke and parking in the driveway to name a few. 👮

11.  Consider the caretakers

Some Merritt Island 55 Plus communities offer free maintenance, repair and security. Hiring you own caretaker can cost a minimum of $150 a month. 🔐

12. Don't forget the big city

If you like entertainment, mass transit and more cultural and social activities be sure to consider the community location to all the above. 🥂



About Merritt Island

Merritt Island is located on the east coast of Florida, due east of Orlando. The climate here is subtropical, which means that the winters are mild and the summers are warm. The average high temperature in July is 91 degrees, and the average low in January is 52 degrees.  The community is home to many retirees, as well as families with young children. There are several public schools in the area, as well as a community college. The town is also home to the Kennedy Space Center, which is a major tourist attraction.

Merritt Island is a great place to live if you want to be close to the beach and to Orlando. The town has a small-town feel, but there are still plenty of things to do. The schools are good, and the community is friendly.

Merritt Island is a small island located in the Indian River Lagoon in Brevard County, Florida. The island is home to the Kennedy Space Center, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and several small businesses and residential neighborhoods. The island has a subtropical climate and is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, fishing, and bird watching. It is a great place to live if you enjoy spending time outdoors. The island has many parks and nature trails, as well as a variety of beaches to choose from. There are also several golf courses and tennis courts. The island is also home to the Kennedy Space Center, which offers tours and educational programs.

The island has a small town feel, but there are plenty of things to do. There are several restaurants and shops, as well as a movie theater and bowling alley. The island is also home to the Brevard Zoo and the Manatee Observation and Education Center. Merritt Island is a great place to live if you are looking for a small town feel with plenty of things to do. The island has something for everyone, and the community is friendly and welcoming.

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